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UFO's - the taboo topic of vital interest to us all.

Evidence suppressed technology could save the planet.

I have frequently been asked why a person of my background—a former Chief of the Defense Staff, a former Chairman of the NATO Military Committee—why I think there is a cover-up (of) the facts about UFOs. I believe governments fear that if they did disclose those facts, people would panic. I don’t believe that at all. There is a serious possibility that we are being visited by people from outer space. It behooves us to find out who they are, where they come from, and what they want.”  
 (Admiral Lord Hill-Norton, chief of British defence forces)

This essay and the embedded links concern the most profound and vitally important subject in the history of humankind.  I certainly did not think so 11 months ago. 2013 has been my year for going from UFO sceptic to believer. I was astounded at the amount of evidence from credible people and highly intelligent and thorough researchers. This subject is simply not the province of just a mob of “tin foil hat” wearers! You may well still think that - but I request you to read on with an open mind – and see what conclusion you arrive at.

A mainstream scientific finding in November 2013, widely reported in the mainstream media, does aid in bringing a more open mind to this topic – thanks to the Kepler space telescope it is now estimated there are 20 billion earth-like planets within the liquid water habitable zones around stars in our Milky Way galaxy. There are an estimated 100 billion to 500 billion galaxies in the universe. That means there are around 6,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 earth-like planets in the universe. We can no longer assume Earth to be at all unique!

What also becomes apparent as you examine the evidence is not just that some UFOs can only be explained as real visitations by extra-terrestrial (ET) civilizations, but that the topic is central to the meaning of everything concerning the human race and our future. This is one reason why it has been kept so top secret and made into a subject of taboo and ridicule.

In particular a critical reason why the topic is kept so secret would seem to be to do with the energy and propulsion that UFOs would have to use to get here. The energy for Star Trek style interstellar travel would be far in advance of fossil fuels and nuclear fission power. A polluted, heating, deforested, but so far still beautiful planet could urgently do with a new clean cheap energy source. That may sound too good to be true, but examine the evidence and judge for yourself.

I am a medical practitioner in Australia. In early January 2013 I had an accident (but no head injury!) leading to several weeks off work. During that time I made progress on my academic writings. But concentration was limited by painful injuries and so I passed the time surfing the internet on other interests such as the nature of consciousness.  In doing this I came across the ideas of a Dr Steven Greer and something called the “Disclosure Project”.  My initial reaction was to click past, but the credentials of the witnesses (e.g. the quote above) caught my eye and I started reading, watching and listening – and well… now I find myself writing on this topic.

I cannot vouch for everything presented here, but what now seems more bizarre to me than the topic of UFOs, is the cover-up and ridicule related to the topic, given the evidence and the world-changing implications. Initially I was just going to type a few notes at the suggestion of a brother-in-law who wanted a quick overview of the area, but seems I’ve written a short e-book…

If you’re struggling to go further – at least be entertained for a while by “Out of the Blue” – a professionally made documentary. Then, if your curiosity has been sufficiently aroused please continue with the joining the dots that I’ve tried in this “e-book” on this most intriguing, complex and crucial topic.

The “Disclosure Project”
The Disclosure Project is an organisation that gathers whistleblowers and witnesses – mostly former military personnel – who testify to the existence of UFO’s being in fact ET craft and encounters with alien beings and that there has been a long standing global cover-up of these facts by high levels of government intelligence agencies.  As becomes evident the witnesses (mostly older men in retirement and down to earth characters) do so at great personal risk to reputation if not more.  See for example:

Dr Greer is a physician in emergency medicine and was director at a young age of a hospital emergency dept. He is a very interesting chap for reasons I shall point out later.

One argument against an ET presence is that the governments couldn’t keep such secrets. Well the information now available on the internet is that they unofficially cannot – but officially they still try. Your willingness to believe the official account may be what is keeping you in the sceptical camp. But read on as to why this area has been maintained at “above top secret”, the issue is as much with human politics as with whatever the motive of the ET’s may be.

Another argument centres on the obvious question: “why don’t they just land on the White House lawn?” There are actually testimonies that there was a “take me to your leader” moment in the 1950s with President Eisenhower but the ETs have backed off from a primitive tribal violent species (us) and are now engaging humanity at a more grass-roots level.  Bizarre? Well read on… The evidence will surprise you.

Book receives mainstream acclaim
In 2010, experienced investigative journalist, Leslie Kean, published details of the most astounding and well-documented cases involving interviews with high-ranking officials. The book – “UFO’s: Generals, Pilots and Government Officials Go on the Record” has endorsements from mainstream academics. John Podesta, who was Clinton’s White House chief-of-staff, wrote the foreword. If you are going to get any book on this subject this is the place to start with:

Kean’s Facebook site details more:

The “Citizens’ Hearing on Disclosure”, Washington D.C.
In addition to the Disclosure Project, in April 2013 a “Citizens Hearing on Disclosure of an Extraterrestrial Presence Engaging the Human Race” convened at the National Press Club in Washington DC over 5 days. It was set up in the style of a Congressional Hearing with 6 former members of the US Congress presiding. Once again very credible witnesses came forth. The organising group was the Paradigm Research Group headed by Stephen Bassett a lobbyist on the issue in Washington.

A recent interview with Bassett shows the Citizens’ Hearing has garnered the kind of momentum to push for official disclosure of this issue:

Bassett notes the 6 former Congressmen/women went from sceptics to believers or at least convinced there is a monumental cover-up and are pushing the issue within their circles of influence. 

The 6 congressmen/women wrote a letter to President Obama asking for de-classification of the medical records of two US airmen who testified to coming into physical contact with an ET craft (“The Rendleshem Forest incident” – see below).  Although much is classified in the US military, it is unprecedented for US military personnel to have their medical records classified. A movie, “Ending the Truth Embargo”, of the Citizens’ Hearing testimonies is going to every current member of the US Congress and to the United Nations accompanied by some well organised lobbying beginning in January 2014. Bassett says his group is working with Brazil and other Latin American countries to push for a UN hearing on the issue. Watch the 4 trailers for “Ending the Truth Embargo” here:

So you may start to hear something more mainstream in the next year.

French and Chilean govt. openness on UFOs likelihood of being ET craft
With regards to UFOs I had until January this year been extremely sceptical as to them being craft from an extra-terrestrial civilization. Perhaps I had allowed a hint of agnosticism rather than total disbelief, but I couldn’t see how any other civilization could get here given the barrier of the speed of light.  However with time to actually study what is an amazing amount of online material on this topic – my scepticism eventually gave way to acceptance – I now agree with what GEIPAN (the French version of NASA) has described in two reports (1999 and 2010). The reports note that whilst 95% of UFOs can be explained by conventional means, 5% cannot and the most likely hypothesis is that they are craft of extra-terrestrial origin. To quote from the conclusion:

(The GEIPAN research) demonstrate the almost certain physical reality of completely unknown flying objects with remarkable flight performances and noiselessness, apparently operated by intelligent [beings]. With their maneuvers, these flying objects considerably impress civilian and military pilots, who hesitate to speak [about them]. The fear of appearing ridiculous, alienated, or simply gullible is the principal reason for this reserve. Secret craft definitely of earthly origin (drones, stealth aircraft, etc.) can only explain a minority of cases. If we go back far enough in time, we clearly perceive the limits of this explanation.
Thus we are forced to resort to other hypotheses. Some can neither be confirmed nor invalidated. They are therefore not scientific, and, certainly, it is very difficult to scientifically study rare, elusive, and chance phenomena, when science is based above all on experiments and their reproducibility. However, the example of meteorites shows that this type of phenomenon can nevertheless end up being accepted by the scientific community after centuries of doubt and rejection.

A single hypothesis sufficiently takes into account the facts and, for the most part, only calls for present-day science. It is the hypothesis of extraterrestrial visitors. (emphasis added)

The chief authors of the French report were mostly generals, admirals and space scientists.  It seems the French govt. is being more open than most governments on this topic. See:

Maybe I should repeat that? – The official French report states plainly that the most likely hypothesis for those UFO’s that cannot be explained as due to natural or human causes, is that they are of intelligent extra-terrestrial origin.

More recently the Chilean govt. has apparently become quite open on this topic and has brought Chilean “Ufologists” (yes there is indeed it seems a field of study called “Ufology”, albeit still beyond academia’s mainstream) on board as part of the official Chilean governmental science, aviation and military system to have full access to all UFO reports and data in that country.  According to the following interview the change in attitude in Chile occurred after an amazing UFO sighting by thousands of people.  Apparently the “ridicule factor” about UFOs in Chile has very much dissipated:
See:  From the Citizens Hearing -

And the French GEIPAN and Chilean CEFAA are now cooperating on this –

But to accept that other civilizations, far advanced from our own, are visiting us is just the start of the revelations and amazing perspectives this topic opens up.  I now wonder about the nature of political power and economic structures of our own global civilization and what the cover-up is about – a host of conspiracy theories start to gain credence.  The nature of energy and propulsion systems such craft would use for supra-luminal (faster than light) interstellar or maybe even intergalactic and interdimensional travel becomes a topic to consider. 

It also seems the nature of consciousness and paranormal mental capacities is central to this topic as well. This challenges the mainstream scientific worldview that involves a materialistic paradigm of the mind/brain and gives no space to consciousness as anything but an ephemeral epiphenomenon of the brain. The prevailing paradigm is stuck in an older Newtonian mechanistic perspective of reality as composed of inert non-conscious matter and energy, fixed laws of physics and blind chance. The paradigm is however under assault from well replicated findings in parapsychology and the “spooky” (Einstein’s word) findings of Quantum physics. Those still wedded to strict materialism will find this UFO stuff confronting.

To what extent do you want to go down this road? – It challenges all kinds of beliefs and assumptions – scientific, political and religious – about the world we inhabit.  Naturally it may feel easier to dismiss it.  Making a joke about UFOs and little green men and laughing it off is the norm.

Documents exist (and many are on the Disclosure Project website), and testimonies of whistleblowers from the military, police, CIA exist in abundance, that the cover-up has involved coercion or at least clever censorship and influence at high levels of media and science – to over the decades make the whole topic one of utmost ridicule.  Thus most people, particularly educated classes, will self-censor.  I would only write this piece after months of looking at the evidence and reflecting on it.  I still won’t put my name to this document, though am happy enough to email my friends.

Why even risk reputation and ridicule? – Well if you do go all the way on this topic – you shall realise why it is important we all start talking about it.  Quite possibly global warming, pollution and poverty could be addressed with alien technology. Quite possibly the secrecy built up around UFOs could be crippling our democratic way of life as high echelons of military and security agencies accrue power above and beyond elected representatives.  It sounds science fiction – but think about the recent revelations by Edward Snowden or Russell Tice about the Orwellian powers of the NSA (America’s National Security Agency). More on the NSA later…

OK – after that preamble to try and get past the discomfort or ridicule this topic entails – where’s the evidence?  For a rough chronological history of UFOs since WWII as I’ve gleaned it – follow the story and the accompanying links:

WW-II ‘Foo Fighters’ and Roswell, New Mexico, 1947
The modern era of UFO sightings began with the “FOO Fighters”.  These were not just a rock band – but were originally UFOs reported by WWII airmen returning from bombing missions etc – the FOO Fighters would buzz WWII aircraft and totally outmanoeuvre them whilst seeming to observe the battles and carnage humanity was inflicting upon itself etc.

The alleged Roswell crashes of one to three “flying discs” (as the US military’s initial press release called them and “flying saucers” as the newspaper reported) was adjacent to “Area 51” and the “White Sands nuclear test site” in New Mexico, USA. The area was the most top secret site in the Western world in 1947 – it was where the H-bomb was being developed.  The US military later retracted their initial press release and said it was a weather balloon that had been retrieved from surrounding ranches.  Two decades later they changed the story a couple more times.  But a number of credible testimonies suggest the original official press release was correct.  It is suspected the UFOs were actually shot down, maybe they initially under-estimated human capabilities?

Major Jesse Marcel of the US Air Force – who was pictured in the second military press release holding bits of a broken weather balloon – testified decades later that he was forced to go along with that story. He talks of how he was ordered into the cover-up and speaks of the fragments of the UFO he recovered:

Marcel’s family have testified (including at the Citizens Hearing) that he brought home bits of an “otherworldly craft” – a metallic fuselage that would spring back into shape “memory foam metal” and had symbols on it that were of no recognisable human script:

Recently, Chase Brandon, formerly chief of media liaison in the CIA, second only to the CIA director in rank for making public announcements, stated publically that he had seen evidence that the Roswell crash was real and alien cadavers were recovered.

Edgar Mitchell, Apollo 14 astronaut, 6th man to walk on the moon, grew up in Roswell and claims the alien crash story is true:

There is a book written by a US colonel, Col. Philip Corso, who had a high security clearance during the Eisenhower administration and served on the National Security Council, called “The Day After Roswell”.  His views have been strongly challenged by the military mainstream.  But his claims are explosive:

Stanton Friedman, a Canadian nuclear physicist turned ufologist, has extensively investigated the Roswell issue as well and this documentary on youtube has some fascinating footage:

The non-mainstream but fascinating internet TV/radio program The Moore Show interviewed two researchers at length who had interviewed hundreds of locals in the Roswell region. Pretty convincing testimonies:

A new documentary to interview the elderly remaining Roswell eye-witnesses who are apparently wanting to testify before they take their secrets to the grave is being planned:

ET saved humanity from nuclear holocaust?
According to testimonies of former NATO and USSR military personnel UFO’s appeared above nuclear weapons sites and nuclear-armed warships multiple times throughout the Cold War.  The UFOs would disable the nuclear weapons for a period of time and then fly off allowing the weapons systems to turn back on.  The message to the human race would seem obvious – you’re playing with fire kiddies so be careful!

See (as just a few of many):
On the NATO side:
The May 2001 Disclosure Project testimonies at the National Press Club in Washington DC:

Captain Robert Salas again at Citizens Hearing with lengthier interview and noting more witnesses coming forward now:

The Disclosure Project has recently started uploading more testimonies to a website associated with the new movie “Sirius” (as above). This is a particularly compelling testimony:

On the Soviet side:

And just to show how strange a world we live in – this ¾ hour documentary made by Italian mystic and stigmatist (the wounds of Christ) Giorgio Bongiovanni, is when he was given a meeting with senior Russian military (including the serving head of space intelligence in his full military uniform) and KGB officials and cosmonauts who tell him the ETs are real.  Gorbachev somehow is involved in setting up the meeting.

And speaking of Gorbachev – a 1990 quote of his as the Soviet Union was falling apart: "The phenomenon of UFOs does exist, and it must be treated seriously."

On both sides – a summary of the UFOs and Cold War nukes issue from the Citizens Hearing by Russian news media (as always the so called free Western media downplayed and ignored or ridiculed the Citizens Hearing) but this gives good coverage:

“UFOs and Nukes” website/book
Robert Hastings is a UFO researcher who grew up the son of a US Air Force officer and in his part-time job as a cleaner in an air traffic control tower as a teenager became aware the controllers were seeing UFOs on radar, jets were scrambled and the UFOs took off vertically into the stratosphere leaving the best fighter jets the USAF looking like bicycles next to F-1 racing cars. He has focussed on the UFO surveillance of nuclear weapons facilities in his research and claims over 140 military witness reports of UFOs doing this. In 2010 Hastings brought a group of witnesses to the Washington DC National Press Club for another disclosure type event. The witnesses, all former military men spoke of UFOs disabling nuclear weapons etc, the link to the full video of this is on Hastings’ home page:
Hastings continues to receive more information and update his work:

In this 2013 interview on “The Moore Show” Hastings reveals some of the biggest UFO shutdowns of nuclear weapons happened as late as October 2010 at a US airforce base in Wyoming. Fifty missiles were disabled for what was officially admitted to by the Obama administration as a 59 minutes computer glitch. Hastings states his contacts informed him the disruption lasted 26 hours and there was a “huge cigar shaped” silent UFO hovering over the area.  Listen from the 36 minute mark. At about the 43 minute mark he recounts the testimony of a fighter pilot at the Hanford nuclear reactor in 1945 where on 3 occasions a large glowing UFO hovered over the site and the planes were scrambled and the UFO moved away each time at great speed. The Hanford reactor is where the plutonium for the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombs was being made – the UFO appeared 6 months before the bombs were dropped on Japan.  The whole interview is packed with stunning information and well worth listening to:

David Bowie had it summed up in verse
It was my favourite song for a time in early adolescence, I also wondered if there was any truth in it:
Seems there may have been more truth than I could imagine…

ET Energy and propulsion systems
A vital and obvious question is what would it take to power and propel a craft across vast distances of space-time? What would it take to warp space-time to travel at supra-luminal speeds or via other dimensions? What are the UFOs that are seen to hover, make rapid right-angle turns, go from zero to multiple times the speed of sound in moments – all noiselessly – operating on?

Certainly not coal, gas or oil, and doubtful it is nuclear fission power either.

Thus on a planet groaning under incessant oil wars, pollution, deforestation, fossil fuel induced warming, radiation leaking and oil spill disasters – energy systems that interstellar craft must possess could transform our civilization, provide abundant cheap or even free energy for all, heal the environment and put an end to want and pollution and go a long way to reducing war.

But whilst vital for our collective future, it would mean the end of fossil fuel and nuclear energy. It would mean a decentralisation of political power. Cheap or near free energy would cut costs everywhere, certainly there’d be major economic disruption in the process but it could ultimately release billions from poverty and debt slavery. The USA with 4% of population but half the world’s military spending and the global reserve currency linked to current energy economics would see its power slip. Thus current power structures would have a vested interest in suppressing the evidence of UFOs being ET craft.

The UFO topic does in fact lead to a conspiracy of suppression of renewable or highly efficient energy technologies. Before you say “enough with conspiracies!” – the Federation of American Scientists – a group set up by the scientists who worked on the atom bomb, with a mission to make science be transparent and serve humanity and peace, note that there has been a suppression of numerous patents that could challenge fossil fuel and nuclear power. For example the patent for a solar photovoltaic cell with 20% energy conversion in the 1970’s was confiscated under a National Security Order and has never seen the light of day, or the sun for that matter. Whilst cutting edge photovoltaics now give 44% efficiency, that level of efficiency back in the 1970s may have been seen as a threat not to national security but to the established energy industries. In particular any device giving greater than 70-80% efficiency is listed as a national security threat to be confiscated, which would include the “zero-point field” or “quantum vacuum” devices that many inventors claim to have produced. See this:

Mainstream scientists, albeit working outside the conventional industrial R&D system, have according to this TED Talk, shown that existing inventions can produce radical improvements in energy use:

The suppression of radical “free energy” inventions is a conspiracy theory that stands alone without reference to UFOs. It is hard to know how much truth is in it. There have been mysterious deaths of scientists in this area. Suppression allegedly started with Nicola Tesla being shut down by his financial backer J.P. Morgan. The Wikipedia page is fairly sparse on this issue:

The article at this link is one of many that outline the issue in more detail:

This short clip from a longer documentary is worth watching:

Or this longer Youtube compilation of various clips:

Who knows? Much of mainstream academic science is sceptical perhaps to the point of cynical about radical energy inventions. This university blog has discussion and a lot of the scepticism from the mainstream science:

But – we have gone from horse and buggy to stealth bombers and mobile phones in barely more than a century. The scientific mainstream in any era can be overly conservative and sceptical. The Nobel prize-winning physicist, Max Plank once said “science advances one funeral at a time”. In other words the old conservative scientists often have to die out for new ideas to be fully accepted.

The other aspect is money. Whoever has seen the documentary “Who Killed the Electric Car?” realises that the best inventions struggle if the powers that be aren’t going to make money.

The Disclosure Project has a group of witnesses that say inventors have been bought out, intimidated, and as last resort killed over the years. Furthermore, that the “black ops” groups that commandeered crashed/shot down UFOs have at least partly mastered the energy and propulsion systems of ET craft. Greer talks about this at the Citizens Hearing:

The Disclosure Project has developed an offshoot, the Orion Project, with the stated aim of bringing radical new energy systems out of the dark:

Former NASA astronaut and Princeton University physics professor, Brian O’Leary has talked about the cover-up of UFO’s, and their vastly superior energy systems:

O’Leary gives far more detail at this conference in Switzerland. This is mind-blowing stuff. Consciousness is described as central to advanced extra-terrestrial technologies (more on this later). The focus on energy systems starts from the 23-minute mark:

UFO secrecy, US presidents and Soviet prime-ministers
Secrecy has dominated the topic ever since that decision to retract the initial Roswell story in 1947.  Historians like Richard Dolan speculate what it must’ve been like for President Harry Truman and the US top military brass, see:
Excerpt from interview with Dolan: :
And what has come out since the late 1970s increasingly is account after account after account of individuals who have claimed to have witnessed either the retrieval of a UFO crash or a dead alien body in cryogenic storage, for example at Wright Patterson Air Force base or any other number of stories directly linking to alien technology. And what I think has happened is that, like, pretend that you are the president of the United States in 1947; you are Harry Truman.  And your top adviser informs you that,  “Well sir, we have apparently recovered technology that does not appear to be manufactured by human hands.” So now as the president, you have to decide what you do about this information. Do you tell the world? I think that the answer is "no".  And the answer... because we know historically the United States was not willing to share atomic technology with the world. This was a big issue at that time. The United Nations in 1947 in fact was asking the US to make atomic technology under international control because it was considered too important for any one nation to have. America's answer was, “No, this is the quickest way to give it to the Soviets and we don't want to do that.” So there was no willingness to share atomic technology.  I can't imagine why they would want to share something as exotic as alien technology. The best way to keep that to yourself is to keep it secret and what I believe Harry Truman and his successors did was to gather his top advisor's around him and say, “Figure out what we are going to do here. Figure out how we are going to utilize this technology if we can.  And by the way figure out who these other beings are. Do I have anything to worry about?” I think that is the logical thing that you would do and that's is not an irresponsible thing.

But as Dolan and others go on – the secrecy has developed a life of its own. Dolan comes across as highly credible.  He was a very bright young history post-grad from the University of Rochester in the USA and nominated for a Rhodes scholarship.  He pretty much ditched a promising career in academia to become a Ufologist after coming across a book in the university bookshop by a British military historian, Timothy Good, called “Above Top Secret”.  What Dolan describes is that the subtitle “The worldwide UFO cover-up” caught his eye.  Cold War history and spy agencies was Dolan’s area of expertise and as he browsed the book he says he recognised many names of 3 star generals etc – but with seemingly valid references to documents that did not appear in mainstream academic history literature – he wanted to know why and his delving continues over 20 years later.

Dolan gains credibility because he writes and speaks like a professional academic historian, which he is.  He always makes clear what is known as fact, what is supported by evidence and what is hypothesis and conjecture.

Dolan describes the rise of what he calls “The National Security State” – Although I haven’t read them, I’ve heard Dolan interviewed at length and his two volume set on the history of the rise of the national security state is rated highly by reviewers, you can get the gist from reading the Amazon reviews:

It was under Truman and also in 1947 that the US National Security Act was passed:

The Act allegedly put the top level of security out of reach of Congressional oversight.

Truman reportedly set up “MJ-12” (aka “Majestic-12”) – a high level committee to manage the UFO/ET issue – at a level designated “Above Top Secret”, higher than the security clearance for manufacturing the H-Bomb. Many researchers say that is where all the trouble began… Others say it is all a beat-up:
Other researchers find evidence it did/does exist:

Truman also seems to have let slip the existence of “flying saucers”:

Eisenhower (the five-star general who was head of allied command in WWII) took over the US presidency from Truman in 1953.   Several reports claim that there was a high level meeting of representatives of the ET visitors with Eisenhower and the top Pentagon generals in 1954.  It is claimed that Eisenhower was in favour of making a disclosure to the world but he was persuaded otherwise. The visitors said they would share revolutionary technology that would benefit mankind on the condition we abolished nuclear weapons. The Pentagon top brass ruled against that.  Hence secrecy was entrenched at the highest level.  The Cold War was well underway. Humanity was and still is far from united enough to fully implement the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty which ultimately aims for total nuclear disarmament. It would’ve been hard for Eisenhower to go against his generals’ consensus.

“Presidential UFO” website of researcher Grant Cameron:

A former US Congressman years later confirms the story that Eisenhower met with ET’s:

Richard Dolan’s interview with a former CIA operative whose deathbed confession is of seeing the crashed flying saucer and aliens at Area 51 and reporting on this to Eisenhower:

A common sceptical response to the question of UFOs being extra-terrestrial – is ‘why don’t they just land on the White House lawn or simply say “take me to your leader”?’  This story suggests they may have done just that, at least with the US President.  Other testimonies suggest similar contact was made at high level with the Soviets.  What they met with was a divided humanity gripped in the Cold War and generals with a militaristic mind-set.  So perhaps they had no option but to back off and wait for us as a species to get our act in order for less disruptive public contact?

In terms of the Russian situation, the Russian Prime Minister Dimitry Medvedev, recently twice made the claim that there was contact with extra-terrestrials at high level in Russia.  Some claim he was just joking, particularly when he referred the journalist interviewing him to watch “Men in Black”.  But he was almost certainly referring to a Russian documentary on UFOs and not to Will Smith.  Also if it was a joke it was bizarre and uncalled for and delivered in utter deadpan humour.  See:

Medvedev to a group of journalists with the microphone (accidentally?) left on (not sure if the youtube “translation” is fully accurate): 

Medvedev to a journalist (presumably shortly after first comments). He says to watch the (Russian) “chronicle documentary ‘Men In Black’” – this made some Western media say he was just joking assuming he was talking about the Hollywood movie – if he was he is brilliant with deadpan humour:

Strangely (or maybe not surprisingly given everything else) when this was being reported on Sky News in the UK, the segment was abruptly cut short.  Maybe the routine news about the Royal pregnancy was considered more earth-shattering than the Russian PM saying we have contact with aliens?:

The Russian doco, “Men in Black” – I’ve seen far better docos but it is a doco, certainly is not humour or fiction genre and no sign of Will Smith!:

The power of secret security agencies that got its boost with the 1947 National Security Act, increased under Eisenhower and continues. From the UFO secrecy perspective a good article seems to be by Australian academic in American Studies, Michael Salla.  On interview Salla comes across as a very rational knowledgeable guy. This article of his gives a detailed outline of the topic, albeit from one who, like Dolan, has come through his research to believe in the whole UFO conspiracy thing:

Testimonies suggest Eisenhower came to regret the decision to suppress rather than disclose the truth – as he realised by the end of his second term that control of the top level of secret service – and particularly over the UFO issue – had slipped from the grasp of the US presidency.  As Salla outlines in his article:

What Eisenhower was alluding to in his departure speech was that, at least as far political management of the ET presence was concerned, a political coup had occurred. [27] Eisenhower had been maneuvered into a role that merely gave constitutional validity to policy recommendations that were crafted on information that the President had no independent means of confirming.

That Eisenhower felt this way is evidenced in reports by one of the military officers who directly served under Eisenhower, Brigadier-General Stephen Lovekin who wrote:
But what happened was that Eisenhower got sold out. Without him knowing it he lost control of what was going on with the entire UFO situation. In his last address to the nation I think he was telling us that the Military Industrial Complex would stick you in the back if you were not totally vigilant…. And I think that he realized that all of a sudden this matter is going into the control of corporations that could very well act to the detriment of this country.
This frustration, from what I can remember, went on for months. He realized that he was losing control of the UFO subject. He realized that the phenomenon or whatever it was we were faced with was not going to be in the best hands. As far as I can remember, that was the expression that was used, “It is not going to be in the best hands. [28]

It was not just military intelligence running things outside presidential oversight – it was industrial – big business with a capital B, with much of the oversight allegedly by billionaire Nelson Rockefeller (who also later was a US vice president to Nixon and governor of New York). Hence Eisenhower’s famous warning about the “Military-Industrial Complex” in his farewell speech on the Friday evening, 17 January 1961, the last day of his presidency:

The Truman/Eisenhower presidencies are where the conspiracy theories about the cover-up arise from and within the “UFO community” there are varying views. At each level it gets harder to believe – what is speculation, what is deliberate disinformation? 

Some claim that after the “Nordic” aliens who had in a “take us to your leader” moment suggested a deal with Eisenhower if humanity abandoned nuclear weapons (and maybe nuclear power?), that a second group of ETs emerged – “The Greys”. Some say that a pact was made with “The Greys” who are quite Machiavellian in intent who asked for allowance to abduct and do genetic experiments on a small number of animals and humans in exchange for new technology.  Others, like Stephen Greer, claim this is disinformation spread by those with vested interests in keeping the aliens away from humanity by demonising them in the public mind, as true contact would release technology that would eliminate poverty, provide free or utterly cheap clean mobile forms of energy off the grid and thus usurp the current geopolitical and economic power structures of our civilization.  If you are a rich industrialist or high in secret levels of US and global military power or security organizations you certainly may not want this.

One Disclosure Project witness claimed there were at the time he had a high level security clearance, 57 different alien races catalogued:

“The Greys” are beings with the classic alien faces of large dark eyes and small nose, mouth and chin. In contrast the “Nordics” are supposedly immaculately good looking.  Seems a bit much eh?? But see this:

And Dolan (amongst others) reports similar claims. He talks about credible witnesses he has interviewed in this longish interview with a Norwegian interviewer who has an online radio program on the paranormal.  The interview is lengthy but quite engrossing. It is good as it gives Dolan’s personal account of how he morphed from an up and coming mainstream academic into a ufologist:

Alien abductions, delusions or scare tactics by “black ops” groups?
I once saw a documentary on TV about alien abductions.  Central to it was a Harvard psychiatrist, Dr John Mack, who researched people who claimed to have been abducted by aliens.  Mack went from psychiatrist thinking he’d found some new culture-bound psychiatric syndrome to a believer in the reality of these “events”.  The documentary eventually proposed that sleep-paralysis and lucid dreams or nightmares accounted for these experiences and that is what I believed til now. Now I have to wonder if Dr Mack was onto something, his book (though I’ve not read it) is:

One of the most famous alien abduction incidents is that of Travis Walton – whose story was supported by his work colleagues and was the subject of a Hollywood movie “Fire in the Sky”:

Walton and his foreman Mike Rogers who was one of the 5 witnesses to his abduction have been interviewed on Coast to Coast AM radio. It was a truly impressive interview with two very sober down to earth men, but difficult to now find as Coast to Coast have had their interviews removed from youtube.  Walton was interviewed recently on Open Minds TV:

A really bizarre and concerning aspect to this is the “implants” that have been removed from people who claim abductions and even some who have no recollection of abductions. A doctor, Roger Leir, who has removed several of these and had the implants analysed at major universities and found to be strange devices, testified at the Citizens Hearing:

An Australian counsellor, Mary Rodwell (no relation to ‘Roswell’!) has counselled hundreds of people who claim to be alien abductees. Her conclusion is that the “abductions” are almost all benign in intent when done by ET’s, but some seem to be done by Black Ops military and have more malevolent intent. She comes across as very level headed and professional in this interview:

Overwhelming evidence of a high-level UFO cover-up
One thing from all the testimonies and documents seems undeniable - that there is a concerted long-running UFO cover-up.  The top echelons of political and security power in human global civilization don’t seem to ridicule the topic of UFOs when addressing it directly. Though they invariably do so in public.

Over and over again, as per the witnesses in the testimonies above, military personnel and others such as those in aviation are sworn to secrecy with veiled or not so veiled threats.

In particular see:
Jim Callahan, 3rd highest official in the North American FAA (Federal Aviation Authority) in charge of accidents investigations:

Jesse Marcel Jr in the Citizens Hearing:

NASA – Ken Johnstone interviewed - pictures include impressive and not so impressive on the youtube clip but listen to the interview from 11 minutes onwards – about how Johnstone as a former astronaut and NASA employee witnessed 5 domes in a crater on far side of the moon – that were lit from inside – and how these were airbrushed out on the film, later FBI came to search and take any documents he had at his home after he left NASA:

And here is where it gets murkier and more bizarre and – if true – then dangerous for you, me, all of us, and our descendants.  Right down the maze of conspiracy theories. These are speculations and extrapolations from the evidence but also reported (e.g. by Greer from his “sources”) as confirmed by anonymous whistleblowers:

  •        Has a “shadow government” taken control of the UFO story and technology for the perpetuation of power, particularly power for a privileged military-industrial elite? 
  •       Are the vast majority of politicians and world leaders kept out of the loop and those in the know scared witless to address the issue? 
  •        Is space being militarised?  Has Reagan’s “Star Wars” SDI (Strategic Defence Initiative) been or being implemented despite its failure to pass Congress in the 1980s? 
  •          Have the “black ops” organisations dealing with UFO technology shot down a few UFOs starting with Roswell and had 70 years to retro-engineer spacecraft and preparing or trying to defend “their turf” against extra-terrestrial civilizations?
  •       Are there vast underground bases where these projects are undertaken?  Derek Rumsfeld on the 10th September 2001 said: “the enemy is within – it is the Pentagon bureaucracy” and he noted $2.3 trillion of US military defence money was missing. The next day a hijacked plane (some say missile) hit the Pentagon allegedly destroying the offices that were involved in auditing the military budget.
  •          Is there a plan to demonise the aliens so the power structures of our civilization can remain? 
  •        Are apparent “alien abduction” and “animal mutilation” events being perpetrated by a group with these interests?
  •         Or is there really at least one race of aliens with Machiavellian designs who a high level “shadow government” has done some sort of Faustian pact with? 
  •        Is there an elite “breakaway civilization” (Dolan’s term) of über-rich who can benefit from alien technology but don’t want to share it with the rest of us?
  •     Greer has one witness – Carol Rosin - who was the PA for Werner von Braun, who was considered “father of the rocket” – a rocket scientist from Germany who after the war worked for the US military, helped give the USA the edge in this area over the Soviets and was named Time magazine’s “man of the year” in 1958. Rosin says she was with von Braun at a high level secret meeting where a plan for perpetual war was discussed – that after the Soviets, the war would be against terrorists, then it would be about defending against asteroids and aliens. She said von Braun told her it was to fund the military-industrial complex indefinitely:
  •         Are we really living in some kind of science fiction movie plot with Dr Strangeloves in Black Ops projects setting the agenda!!??

Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.  If you spend enough time on the internet there is evidence suggesting all of the above.  It is unbelievable at face value, but some of the evidence is absolutely intriguing and concerning.  As to how compelling – judge for yourself:

The NSA (US National Security Agency) was set up with the restructure of US security after WWII along with other agencies like the National Reconnaissance Office (NRO).  The NSA was secret from Congress until the 1960s, the NRO officially secret until 1992.  It is not democratic to have secret service agencies whose very existence is kept secret from democratically elected governments.  Yet that is the nature of the USA post 1947.  Edward Snowden has given us a glimpse through his leaks via the British The Guardian newspaper of just how powerful the NSA has become:

And in August 2013 Snowden released documents proving the existence of the “black ops” budgets:

That these budgets are used re the UFO technology is expanded upon by this webpage:
 (On these black ops projects - see more re Greer and his Disclosure Project informants below)

As a former East German Stasi secret service officer said:

Russia Today online TV (the first news channel to record 1 billion views on YouTube) has some startling stories about the NSA. See this interview with Russ Tice (another NSA whistleblower) about the fact Obama could well be being blackmailed, all his personal communications have been tapped for two decades:

9/11 conspiracy theories
9/11 – apart from allowing the US and the big oil companies control over Iraq’s previously nationalised oil fields, and finding no weapons of mass destruction (maybe there was enough doubt to justify the invasion – at least in Tony Blair and others’ minds) – also allowed for the Patriot Act.  Imprisoned with no access to a lawyer under the Patriot Act was Susan Lindauer, CIA operative who acted as courier of information from the CIA to Saddam Hussein’s regime.  She claims Bush and Cheney knew about 9/11 months before it happened. Watch this segment: 

She has a lot more to say:

The whole 9/11 “inside job” conspiracy ( )is beyond scope of this essay.  But an article published in a peer review psychology journal analysed online comments on this topic and found those open to believing in a 9/11 conspiracy used somewhat more rational and polite arguments than those supporting the official 19 Islamist terrorists acting alone story: 

I’m not sure what to believe regarding 9/11 but the official story about 9/11 can also sound rather far-fetched:

Even two of the 9/11 Commissioners said the official 9/11 Commission was “set up to fail”:

And as I’ve found looking into the UFO issue, that it is credible folk who investigate and not just the “tin foil hat” brigade – the worrying thing is the comparisons with the 9/11 Truth movement which has 1,000’s of architects, engineers, pilots, firemen, university academics etc and is not just a bunch of Islamist fanatics and dreadlocked anarchists. A former Los Angeles FBI chief, Ted Gunderson speaks plainly (maybe too plainly as he later died of arsenic poisoning):

I read a book about 10 years ago “Confessions of an Economic Hitman” by John Perkins.  He claims to have been employed by the NSA in the days almost no-one knew of the agency’s existence.  He says he worked for a high level “military-industrial complex” that has assassinated or bought off world leaders in countries like Ecuador around the world.  The aim is to entrench the power of multinationals over elected governments.  Perkins story has a ring of truth, though he has been strongly criticised. For Perkins’ stuff see:

US presidents and UFOs
A Canadian UFO investigator, Grant Cameron, has focussed on the UFO secrecy issue and US presidents.  The claims are that some US presidents are in the know or at least well manipulated by powers behind the scenes (the Bushes and Reagan), others – Kennedy, Carter, Clinton – are told to butt out or else…

There are conspiracy theories that JFK was assassinated because he wanted to wrest back control of the UFO issue from the military-industrial complex secret black op department that had commandeered it. This page purports to have documents that give credence to this:

The issue was reported in the Daily Mail newspaper in the UK:

Greer says his sources within the Clinton administration were told that Bill Clinton better drop the UFO subject “unless he wants to end up like JFK”. (about 9th paragraph down, but also good interview for how Greer got involved in the Disclosure Project)

Carter shortly after his election in 1976 was allegedly told by George H W Bush (as CIA director) to stop asking about UFOs and was refused access to the classified (never released) section of “Operation Blue Book”.  Operation Blue Book was the US Air Force’s official investigation into UFOs – but it is claimed it was run on two levels – serious secret investigation, and public relations to explain all UFOs as “swamp gas” and other “natural causes” and create a climate of ridicule about the topic. Lt. Col. (ret.) Richard French of the US Air Force testified at the Citizen’s Hearing that he was given the job at one time to suppress the evidence, but in 1952 he himself had a UFO sighting that completely changed his views.

In 1977 Daniel Sheehan (see more on him below) was asked by the incoming Carter administration to help get access to info re UFOs from the Vatican library and from Operation Blue Book. See his truly gripping testimony at the Disclosure Project 2001 hearing at the National Press Club:

Debunking the UFO debunkers
A UFO researcher with a military background – who believes there are genuine UFOs of extra-terrestrial origin – but spends much time debunking many reported sightings is Kevin Randle.   Randle explains that the hardline sceptics who are professional debunkers of UFOs and the paranormal – almost never investigate cases themselves, but rely on organisations like MUFON – a ufology umbrella organisation that investigates UFO reports around the world. MUFON is able to dismiss (like the French space agency GEIPAN) the vast majority of UFO sightings as natural phenomena.  But it nonetheless has gathered many inexplicable genuine cases.  Randle says sceptics like Michael Shermer will pick up on data that MUFON provides of natural explanations and then extrapolate to say that proves all UFOs are natural phenomena, often without giving credit to the ufologists who do the investigative work:

Leslie Kean’s book on UFO’s that has broken into the mainstream for its impeccable investigative journalism (see above), received one damning review by James Oberg, a space analyst for NBC News.

But in Kean’s rebuttal she points out that Oberg’s review was full of inaccuracies and that Oberg was a founding member of CSICOP:

CSICOP, now known simply as CSI, the Committee for Skeptical Inquiry produce the “Skeptical Inquirer”. Whilst there are some wacky things and snake oil cures that do need debunking by watchdog groups, this group’s religious adherence to a narrow materialistic scientific paradigm sees them in my opinion engaging in absurd mental gymnastics to debunk things they have a priori decided as non-existent. For the dominant materialist paradigm they act like a modern day equivalent of The Inquisition. I expand on this aspect below in the segue into the nature of consciousness.

UFO sightings
I won’t spend too much time on this, suffice to say just go to youtube and search “UFO sightings” - thousands of sightings from all over the world. More every day. The problem is the good sightings are often hoaxes, the ones that are genuine are often hazy, of objects and lights far away etc etc. But not always. Some  UFO amateur media outlets that vet the sightings include:

Wikipedia has a good list of sightings, they go back centuries:

A recent well documented and impressive sighting is from Turkey. Academic independent photo analysis has concluded the photos and videos are not hoaxes. On magnification it appears that 2 or 3 ET beings can be seen at the window of the flying saucer:  (takes a while to download and worth scrolling all the way down)

The Turkish sighting at sea also raises the subject of USO’s – unidentified submersible objects. There are many sightings of USO’s with some reports coming from the Russian navy. There is speculation of under-sea bases. See a documentary on this aspect:

There have been sightings of a UFO entering a Mexican volcano, even reported on Mexican mainstream TV. However it is questioned as to whether the image could be some kind of artefact:

Though there was an earlier sighting for the same volcano:

An amazing sighting of a dozen or so UFOs travelling through the clouds, filmed by a Mexican military plane for several minutes. This was de-classified by the Mexican government in 2004 and made the mainstream media:

An older report of a UFO sighting at a monastery in France is worth a read:

If you want more evidence, there are a host of pretty good documentaries.  Somehow despite being quite compelling, they don’t get mainstream TV or cinematic release.  For example see:
·             Phoenix Lights – an estimated 10,000 people saw a giant triangular UFO hovering and moving slowly over Phoenix Arizona in 1997.  The governor, Fyfe Symington, had to call a press conference where he made a joke of the whole matter. A decade later he confessed to a CNN TV journalist that in fact he himself had seen the massive craft which could only be “otherworldly” in origin.
·      The Day Before Disclosure. This is from Scandinavia and includes coverage of a mainstream Norwegian university’s study of UFO phenomena in northern Norway that has compelling footage from a stationary university 24hr 365days/year videocamera in a valley where UFOs are commonly seen. This would seem to be academic scientific mainstream proof of a UFO doing things no known human aircraft can do:
·      Out of the Blue.  Professionally made documentary by well-known movie directors, high class production. It should’ve been in the mainstream media/cinemas. The question is why wasn’t it?
·    Fastwalkers. A Canadian documentary with much compelling video and photos of UFOs.  “Fastwalkers” is allegedly a code used by those in the know about ET craft in NASA and above top secret departments to distinguish them from “slowwalkers” such as human made satellites and space junk in space.
·       An original Disney documentary was aired just once in several US states.  It alleged government cover-up.  It was then suppressed and not available for years but has surfaced online.

More mainstream organisations, like National Geographic, have taken a recent serious interest.  This doco is one of a series of documentaries about the release of UFO files by European governments in the last few years.  It starts with an amazing sighting by 3 Portuguese air force pilots in 1982 (NB: link may get removed from youtube for copyright reasons):

The full six National Geographic documentaries on Europe’s declassified files is here, many compelling accounts (NB: link may get removed from youtube for copyright reasons - worth seeking out and paying for this excellent series from National Geographic):

Then there is the History Channel – that has a bit of an obsession with the “Ancient Aliens” theory.  But if ETs decided they’d better check us out from the late 1940s when we developed the power to blow ourselves all up – then why start just then?  If there are civilizations a hundred, a thousand, a 100,000 or even millions of years more advanced than ours – with capacity for interstellar faster than light travel – then it is almost certain they have been observing Earth for a long time.  Do they even have bases here? 
See “Ancient aliens” docos on the History Channel, e.g.:

Credible quotes by the score
A lot of repetition here, but peruse these collections of scores of quotes by credible, high ranking and well known figures in public life:

The “Atacama Humanoid”
There is also the Atacama Humanoid – a little corpse, well preserved for an uncertain time period by the Atacama desert – the world’s driest hot desert on the Peruvian/Bolivian/Chilean border.  Stanford University experts in radiology and genetics have concluded thus far that it was about 6 to 8 years of age at time of death from what appears a head injury.  It is only 6 inches (15cms) tall!!!  Genetically it has some mitochondrial DNA consistent with South Americans and is overall a 91% genetic match with humans, but that is much less than Chimpanzees.  Many cultures have legends about “little people” including the local native Americans of the region.  Might there be some truth to legends about Leprechauns and treasures at end of rainbows??

Also a US marine and witness to the Disclosure Project claims to have seen a small UFO craft that was shot down in a nearby region - and he was threatened with his life if he divulged this information:

Daniel Sheehan – an amazing civil rights lawyer
And this brings me to Daniel Sheehan.  Sheehan is a Harvard graduate lawyer and theologian with an amazing CV:

He was a co-editor of the Harvard Law Review journal on ethics, a key prosecutor in the first ever conviction of the Klu Klux Klan; instrumental in the Watergate case against Nixon; the Pentagon Papers case which allowed the New York Times to publish classified info on the Vietnam War including the Gulf of Tonkin incident – that it was a false flag operation – an “inside job” by the US military to implicate the North Vietnamese and thus go to war; the Karen Silkwood case – a nuclear power plant technician who discovered that weapons grade plutonium was being siphoned off to be sent to Israel in breach of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty – who was murdered on her way to meet the New York Times reporters and the documents removed from her crashed car; the Iran-Contra scandal which revealed how the CIA was laundering drug money to fund the right wing rebels to overthrow the Nicaraguan Sandanista regime. (You may recall President Reagan could’ve been impeached but was nearing the end of his second term, the Reagan stacked Supreme Court quashed moves for impeachment and Col. Oliver North was the fall guy).  Sheehan has a compelling account of the JFK and Bobby Kennedy assassinations.  He has had other high profile civil rights cases and currently works for Lakota Sioux native American rights.  Despite being a devout Catholic he has been involved in cases supportive of women’s reproductive rights.

Sheehan was recently interviewed on the Russia Today non-mainstream news media program The Big Picture – see from the 30 minute mark:

As above (his testimony to the Citizens Hearing on Disclosure) he was thrust into the UFO issue when asked by Jimmy Carter’s administration to help investigate it by asking the Vatican library for info via the Jesuit order in the USA for which he was chief attorney. 

Sheehan also has had personal discussions with Gorbachev on the UFO issue and was referred by Gorbachev to a former foreign minister of the Soviet Union and an editor of a newspaper in Russia where he says he was given confirmation of the existence of UFOs and ETs.

Sheehan brings a very broad perspective to the whole issue.  He looks at the paradigm shift that humanity would face in accepting the reality of extra-terrestrial visitors.

Sheehan states that 54 religious denominations in the USA were briefed on this reality of ET presence.  But publically the churches seem to stick to their old dogma, except for the Vatican that has publically shifted on this issue:

See these lectures by Sheehan:
·      How was JFK assassinated and what is the real power structure of the USA and why UFO secrecy is intricately linked:
·      How paradigm/world views inhibit the unveiling of the truth about UFOs and how they’d change if humanity is confronted by facts that the nature of reality is based on consciousness and we are but one of numerous civilizations in the Universe, and a somewhat primitive one at that:

And back to Dr Stephen Greer.  It was while watching a youtube clip of he talking of his near death experience (NDE) at age 17 that I heard him talk about UFOs and ET contact – that started me on this mind-boggling journey.  

A segue into “near-death experiences” and the nature of consciousness
This further challenges a materialistic paradigm but see what you think.  The evidence for the primacy and extended nature of consciousness (such as NDE accounts) does relate to the UFO phenomenon in terms of reports suggesting interdimensional and supra-luminal travel that according to Greer’s sources use the field of consciousness.

I should give some personal background at this point. I was raised a Catholic and believed in it all until I hit university where the materialistic paradigm dominated (as it still does) in biology, medicine, psychology etc.   So I decided atheism and materialism was probably correct.  But then in 1978 I read Raymond Moody’s book Life After Life about “near death experiences” (NDEs).  The book had been offered to me by a fellow medical student who described his own NDE from a tractor roll-over on the farm he had grown up on.  His account appeared very genuine, I knew him reasonably well.

Nowadays most people have heard of NDEs and Moody’s book that introduced the public to the topic, but back then almost nobody had.  I became intrigued and have read dozens of books on the topic and literally over 2,000 NDE accounts e.g. at .  I have spoken to a couple of patients about accounts they have had.  And 13 years ago I was knocked out in a football match and had a brief NDE of my own that was personally quite convincing – though I did not get to the end of the “tunnel” as the experience ceased when I decided I needed to return to my family on earth, waking groggy to see grass under my face.  I tried to come up with materialistic neurological explanations for my brief altered state of consciousness, but they don’t seem to gel.  Furthermore the experience (the void, tunnel, feeling of exhilaration and familiarity – that I was going “home”, clarity of thought, experience of universal love, sudden return to bodily life immediately on wanting to return) fits exactly with those parts of others’ NDE accounts.

These NDE accounts are now so numerous and so compelling there is a whole scientific literature on them. See

A good scientific overview of NDE’s is the book by Dutch cardiologist, Pim van Lommel:

Apparently a recent conference on NDE’s in Marseilles, France, had 2,000 delegates and about half were medical and nursing professionals etc, many doing their own research into the subject.  The AWARE study has 22 hospitals participating internationally to see if there can be verifiable out of body experiences – i.e. witnessing an image that is above head height in an operating theatre or emergency resuscitation room whilst in an out of body state: 

OK – so I am more than open to the belief in consciousness transcending the material body and brain.  But so are an increasing number of researchers in neuroscience and consciousness studies. See for example:

The work of Sir Roger Penrose (emeritus professor of mathematics at Oxford) and Stuart Hammeroff (an anaesthetist):

The lecture by Peter Russell:

The experimental work and overview of the parapsychological science by Dean Radin:

And there is the well argued broad critique of the materialistic paradigm by Rupert Sheldrake in Science Set Free:

Or in Sheldrake’s delightful Ox-Bridge accent:

Chapter 4 of Science Set Free deals with the nature of consciousness and is a brilliant analysis of the history of the philosophical and scientific theories regarding consciousness. Materialists end up either having to deny or explain away consciousness – you reading this have no true free will or awareness; or get tied up in knots saying consciousness is an “emergent” property of organized matter and energy in “living” beings, but has no real existence in its own right. As soon as consciousness is granted existence in its own right – one has strayed into dualism and belief in some kind of “soul”. But Sheldrake delineates a third way – the most robust model philosophically – namely panpsychism – that agrees with quantum theory.

When Sheldrake spoke on “TED Talks”, the anonymous materialist science overseers of TED had his talk banned. This led to a campaign to reinstate Sheldrake’s talk. See discussion re this:

But for a truly impassioned beautifully eloquent rant against materialism, see this (also subsequently banned) TED Talk by Graham Hancock:

As long as mainstream science tries to hang on to a strict materialism that denies or sidesteps the ontological reality of consciousness, then perhaps we cannot progress technologically like other civilizations that have mastered time and space through consciousness related fields.

Even nowadays, despite the scientific understanding of astronomy and cosmology, the major religions of the world generally won’t entertain the possibility of extra-terrestrial civilizations. Despite spirituality, including consciousness, being their domain (putting them in a position where they could be the bridge to openness of thinking in this area) their doctrines historically arose from a geocentric cosmology based on pre-scientific scriptures that had no understanding of physical worlds beyond planet earth.

People who see UFOs or have contact experiences may find themselves ridiculed by their fellow parishioners and at odds with their church/synagogue/mosque teaching. In future if the ET reality becomes accepted, the more rigid religious denominations may struggle to provide spiritual guidance for their members and society at large . But a tantalizing thought is that in the future there may be spiritual and theological insights that more advanced civilizations may want to convey to us.

A collection of essays that deconstruct the materialist paradigm and its inability to explain consciousness are contained in the book “The Soul Hypothesis” which is well reviewed here:

There is a state in the NDE experience which deep experiencers reach where they claim having access to universal consciousness and knowledge.  They describe how any question receives an instant download of information from the Universe or “The Being of Light”.  The accounts I’ve read where experiencers ask about life on other planets are only a handful – but all are answered clearly in the affirmative. See this list of more profound NDEs:
The answer is the same in all the NDE accounts that address the question – the universe teems with life and is full of civilizations – our own is at a primitive stage of development but on the cusp of potential transcendence to a stage where psychic capacities become openly used.

A well-known NDE is that of Howard Storm, an atheist professor of Art History who later became a Methodist minister. Storm asked Jesus and a group of advanced spiritual beings who he knew he had known for millennia many questions about the nature and meaning of reality, on the subject of alien life he reports:

Howard Storm says he asked the beings of light if there would be a nuclear WWIII and was told that “God” had prevented it and would continue to prevent it, though there may be occasional nuclear accidents that would hopefully be a wakeup call to humanity:

This testimony of Storm’s resonated when I read the numerous accounts of UFOs disabling NATO and Soviet nuclear weapons.

While we’re talking about consciousness and the Cold War, there seems to be significant evidence that the US and Soviet militaries engaged in using psychic capacities for espionage.  Check out:

If you are still wedded to a materialistic paradigm then this is hugely confronting.  The materialist paradigm is the current dominant paradigm and as Kuhn noted going against a dominant paradigm incurs social costs and opprobrium. 

But there is at least one place where an attempt to rationally debate the validity of this current dominant paradigm has occurred – check out the Skeptiko website.  I’ve followed Alex Tsakiris and his  website since soon after he founded it in 2007.  Tsakiris initially was quite on the fence about the existence of paranormal abilities, UFOs and non-materialistic explanations for consciousness.  But he was determined to be a truly open-minded sceptic and bring researchers, scientists and philosophers together to discuss these issues in a spirit of open-minded inquiry.

What Tsakiris has found in over 200 interviews is that the researchers who find evidence supportive of telepathy, telekinesis, life after death, UFOs etc  are almost always more truly scientific and less dogmatic than the “hard-edged sceptics” who are ideologically wedded to a materialistic paradigm like Michael Shermer.  If you follow the interviews basically every time sceptics like Shermer are confronted with seemingly irrefutable evidence of something like telepathy – they resort to concrete assertions that the evidence must be false because it simply must be false.  Tsakiris’ own personal journey has him now believing in mind over matter and increasingly frustrated with what he sees as hard-edged sceptics’ closed-mindedness.

In this very recent episode of Skeptiko, Tsakiris nails the dishonesty of the hard-edged sceptics like those of CSICOP:

So after that segue – back to UFOs.  I had come to believe through my readings and life experiences in the existence of a consciousness that can exist beyond the brain/body in states such as near-death because the evidence as I read it overwhelmingly supports that view and I’ve had a personal experience of an NDE.  But I still strongly doubted that ETs were visiting our planet.

Consciousness and the “paranormal” is integral to the UFO topic. The following webpage post links Ben Rich, CEO of Lockheed Skunk Works that made the stealth fighter and bomber and other top secret US aircraft, the “100th monkey effect”, and interstellar space travel. Basically Rich, who seems to be on the inside of the above top secret UFO related technology leaks the message during a speech to engineering alumni at UCLA that interstellar travel is linked to ESP (extra-sensory perception):

Further testimonies regarding Ben Rich’s comments are available:

To again quote Max Plank, the founder of Quantum Theory, the only scientific theory to be proven experimentally 100% accurate thus far:
“I regard consciousness as fundamental. I regard matter as derivative from consciousness. We cannot get behind consciousness. Everything that we talk about, everything that we regard as existing, postulates consciousness.”

The work of Dr Steven Greer
Greer’s NDE at age 17 convinced him his materialistic atheism at the time was wrong and also put him on a collision path with the whole UFO issue.  His interest in space came from childhood fascination with space, seeing a UFO at age 8 close to the nuclear weapons facility he grew up near and having an uncle who was an engineer for the lunar landing module of Apollo 11 that Armstrong and Aldrin stepped out of – I recall building an Airfix plastic model of it at the time when I was about 10 years old.

Anyway Greer has a lot to say.  He is obviously highly intelligent and has the gift of the gab.  Unlike Dolan, Randle or Pope – ufologists who are all cautious to differentiate facts and conjecture – Greer is more free-flowing and has an extroverted personality, so I wonder how much he goes beyond the known evidence at times in his enthusiasm.  Edgar Mitchell, the Apollo 14 astronaut who went with Greer to brief the Pentagon chiefs on UFOs and the “black ops” that even the Pentagon chiefs were excluded from – during the time of the Clinton administration – has said that Greer goes beyond the evidence – see:

Nonetheless Greer became the go-to-man for the Disclosure Project for dozens of witnesses who are now on the public record. Furthermore he claims many more would come forward if they felt safe or in the light of official disclosure, and at least 200 have given documentation and testimonies for which he cannot yet release all details due to identification risks.  After all, if these “black ops” projects re UFO technology have existed for decades then thousands of people must have worked on them.  He says that for every witness whose material can be made public he has 10 who work for the “black ops” and “shadow government” who give him information but are too fearful and wish to remain anonymous at this time. He says sources tell him that perhaps 2,000 such black ops workers have died over the decades for breaches of secrecy. 

Greer has, it would seem, briefed high government levels in Europe, the Vatican, former UN secretary generals Boutros Ghali and Kofi Anan, a former CIA director under Clinton, and presidential administrations since Clinton.

So why hasn’t Greer been assassinated?  Well he claims he was poisoned along with two of his close colleagues early in the Disclosure Project in the early 1990s.  All three developed the same rare form of cancer.  Greer survived, his colleagues did not:

Greer says he was advised by high-level informants to construct a “dead man’s trigger” – a trove of evidence and names that would be released if he were to be killed, that would incriminate the people who may want him dead, and that he has done just that. Well that’s his claim.

Greer has been tireless since giving up his medical career to pursue this issue.  He has probably hundreds of hours of talks online.  The recent movie Sirius [ ] is pretty much based on his book Hidden Truth, Forbidden Knowledge [ ] of his personal journey with the Disclosure Project.  Out of his many talks, the following address to a UFO conference in 2007 best sums up his personal story and overview of everything:

In terms of amazing disclosures of shadow government stuff and the alleged covert war by the military-industrial complex/shadow government to keep the ETs at bay, this radio interview gives a lot of detail and the interviewer challenges Greer quite a few times:

What strengthens his view is that having listened to numerous Greer interviews and lectures – as far as I can ascertain I haven’t found him to contradict himself despite repeating large amounts of intricately linked details.  He is clearly not delusional, he may like the sound of his own voice – but then so do a lot of us who like lecturing/giving talks and have knowledge we believe is important to share.

In the midst of this year of figuratively falling into the UFO wormhole – I found that Greer was coming to do the Australian premiere of Sirius in August 2013.  I went and heard his talk and had time to personally question him (about the nature of the shadow government, Medvedev’s comments etc) outside the cinema at Bond University, Gold Coast, Queensland.  I must say I was impressed with Greer in real life as an honest and genuine person.

Greer and a dozen or more others were looking up at the sky and a beautiful moon. I was facing them whilst Greer and I talked how we both watched the moon landing in 1969 on TV.  I asked about Armstrong and Aldrin.  Greer repeated his claims I had read and heard previously – that the astronauts saw ET craft observing them on the moon – that Armstrong was asked to join the Disclosure Project testimonies in May 2001 in Washington DC but he was warned if he did so he and his whole family would be killed.  Greer said Aldrin had a “nervous breakdown” and denies the UFO accounts - although Greer said he has interviewed his sister who claimed Aldrin had seen UFOs.
However Aldrin in this recent interview is a bit more open:

As Greer said to me, Armstrong became a recluse, however he did make a cryptic comment when receiving an award:

A personal UFO sighting at Bond University, August 2013
Just at that moment in my conversation with Greer, the people standing next to him simultaneously said: “oh look a UFO/the light/wow!!” etc with congruent facial expressions of surprise and wonder. Greer said “yes, that’s them, they’re coming in”. I turned just to get a glimpse of a moving light that was closer than the stars and seemed just beyond the treetops, but then it was gone.

Consciously summoned close Encounters with UFOs
Thus I need to mention the CE-5 initiative (“Close Encounters of the 5th Kind”).  In his talk following Sirius at Bond University, Greer presented video and photos of contacts with UFOs and ET beings that involve groups of meditators using remote-viewing techniques that communicate with ET craft that respond.  It was impressive.  Greer spoke about how he twice found himself telepathically in the company of ETs on board their craft after meditating and out of these experiences he was given the ideas and knowledge for the CE-5 project.  So is it perhaps that the ETs may want to make peaceful contact and raise human awareness, as the “take us to your leader” option has not been that successful?!

I did not attend the weekend workshop in CE-5, but this website reports the sighting I glimpsed on the Friday night and the CE-5 workshop on the weekend:
And this site has photos from it:

As Greer explained, ET craft traverse space-time by use of the field of universal consciousness and go inter-dimensional. Thus they presumably can Star Trek style space-time warp, teleport and materialise/de-materialise.  Today with the shadow government allegedly having retro-engineered weapons based on ET technology, the ETs have to take care and are sometimes shot at with top-secret weaponry.  CE-5 excursions at night usually see or register anomalous activity and reportedly sometimes are buzzed by earthly craft such as helicopters travelling illegally without lights.

Then there are people who seem to have some direct link to ET craft and can summon UFOs:

Ufologist Grant Cameron who since his own sighting of a UFO in 1975, related to nuclear missiles stationed on the US/Canadian border, has delved deeply into the secrecy and politics of the subject – see above re his focus on what US presidents know/don’t know – has recently come to the conclusion that the nature of consciousness is at the key to solving or progressing the UFO phenomenon and ET-Humanity relationship. This 90-minute lecture is very worthwhile, joining many of the dots to create an overview of what the heck is really going on:

The nature of consciousness – which is what I was reading about when I stumbled onto all this – is central to ETs and “star-faring” civilizations.  Over to astronaut and physicist Brian O’Leary:

The extraordinary and rather spiritual thesis then would be that when humanity can raise its level of collective consciousness to a more enlightened, open and peaceful state - then we shall be privy to this kind of thing on a worldwide scale.  The deeply concerning question is  - is it more a case of “if” than “when”?

Time travellers from our children’s children’s children?
At the Australian premiere of Sirius at Bond university, Greer claimed the Rendlesham Forest – Bentwaters NATO/US airbase in England case, the most detailed of all UFO encounters, involved not just ETs from another star-system – but that telepathic communication to the defence force personnel who encountered the craft and beings was – they (at least the occupants of that particular craft) are our descendants from 20,000 generations in the future – telling us (like David Bowie sang) “not to blow it.” 

Human secrecy – a bigger issue than the ET presence?
The Rendlesham Forest/Bentwaters airbase incident was at one of the most tense points of the Cold War. At the time, according to Greer, President Reagan was being fed disinformation about ETs as part of the lobbying for the Strategic Defence Initiative (SDI) or “Star Wars” program. 

The rumours are that although defeated in the Congress, the program has gone on at a covert level.  Greer said at Bond Uni. that there are a core group in the shadow government who are a mixture of power at all costs sociopaths, paranoid militaristic mind-sets and religious fundamentalist rich industrialists who are keen on Armageddon. That much of the rest of the ruling military-industrial complex and world leaders who’ve become aware of this mess – are petrified of a UFO disclosure that would unleash a hellish scenario from this group. 

Greer told me that the former Canadian defence minister, Sir Paul Hellyer, had told him about an influential US congressman on the Congressional Intelligence Committee who was well aware of the whole scenario – but said for elected governments to try and get control back over the UFO/ET matter is “like trying to pull in a 50,000 pound wale with a 10 pound fishing line.”

Greer claimed that following the Sirius movie premiere on Australia’s Gold Coast, that he was heading to an island in the Pacific to meet with over 100 influential leaders and business people who meet annually in secret as the keynote speaker for their 2013 meeting. He had been invited to raise awareness of the ET/UFO issue.

If “Disclosure” happens – then what?
So if all this is true – what happens when there is full worldwide public disclosure that we have had contact with ETs?

Richard Dolan gives a well thought out response to this question at the Citizens Hearing on Disclosure. This 10 minutes is riveting, it is well worth watching:


In summary, the UFO story leads down a path that couldn’t be more challenging to the prevailing materialistic mainstream scientific and political paradigms.  It also challenges traditional doctrines of major world religions, although the Vatican (whose library has its own secret UFO files) has recently made it clear it is ready to welcome ET visitors.
The story is frightening, not so much because we are being visited, but because the powers that be in human global civilization seem intent on keeping it secret. Do we really live in such an Orwellian world? Can such a secret be kept? Well if you’ve looked at the evidence you’ll know the answer is “yes and no”: the secret cannot be kept because of all the leaks by credible people and testimonies and sightings that have no other explanation; but the secret can be kept “officially” by widespread ridicule for the public, oaths of secrecy, intimidation and worse for those in the “black ops” know, and threats or ridicule or worse for those in public office. 
The UFO story suggests our planet has had ET visitors for centuries or millennia and even may have been deliberately sown with primitive life and then watched over. If the Atacama Humanoid, which is 91% genetically human, is really an ET, then that adds credence to some speculation that perhaps life on earth has been genetically engineered or tweaked at times.  The ETs may have bases underground, inside volcanoes, under the sea, in northern Norway and in Antarctica.  They may have been here a long time.
The testimonies suggest these ET beings are telepathic.  The implication is that consciousness is a main fundamental aspect of reality, if not the fundamental aspect.  It suggests that civilizations that have developed the capacity to exceed the speed of light do so by manipulating fields relating to how consciousness interacts with space-time dimensions and time-warp and dematerialise/materialise as in Star Trek and in line with the “spooky” aspects of Quantum Mechanics as Einstein called non-locality etc.
The UFO story suggests many mainly humanoid ETs have taken a particular interest in our affairs since WWII and the atomic age.  That they are closely monitoring our weapons of mass destruction – like David Bowie sung – “telling us not to blow it, because they know it’s all worthwhile.”
The evidence for ET visitations is very strong. Thus the chances increase that the conspiracy theories of suppressed clean, free or very cheap and exceedingly efficient star-faring technology are true. Vital solutions to our collective global humanitarian and environmental crises may have been available for decades but withheld by a power-elite beyond the oversight of democratically elected officials.
The UFO story could be a story to unite the fractious warlike tribal species of homo sapiens. Possible exposure to universal spiritual wisdom could reform sectarian divisive doctrines and accentuate the deep spiritual truths of unity of mind and love that major religious traditions have offered but never had fully accepted en-masse by adherents to the Faiths.
The UFO story suggests that our civilization is on a precipice – between either a future full of marvellous ecological technologies and joining some galactic or inter-galactic confederation of fellow space-faring beings to help other civilizations like ours to make the leap to the next step of evolution – or – a “war of the worlds” where a “shadow government”, the “military-industrial complex” that Eisenhower warned us of, maintains the current addiction to fossil fuels, nuclear power and weaponry, global inequality of haves and have-nots and if necessary implements a faux “war against aliens” to supplant the “war on terror” into the foreseeable future.

That is why this topic – utterly incredible and a seeming amalgamation of a host of sci-fi plots that it may seem (perhaps more-so after decades of deliberate disinformation?) – is one you should not quickly dismiss.

What response does all this ask of you and I?
As I finally dared to discuss the above evidence with family and friends, and those who looked enough at it had to agree the evidence is overwhelming that ET visitation and a cover-up by some governmental secret security services and forces are realities  – the question is: what can or should you – or any single human being do?
Well my thoughts are the following, but feel free to consider your own response:

  •  Could donate to the Citizens Hearing on Disclosure drive to get the subject taken seriously by the US Congress and the United Nations.
  •  Consider exploring your own capacity to “make contact” via the ETLetsTalk network, or just on your own under the sky or stars.
  •   Watch the movie Thrive and consider joining the Thrive Movement. I saw this movie early on and it is a collage of a bunch of conspiracy theories that I found hard to swallow.  Having seen what I’ve seen since, I’m not so sure now… (NB - as of 2016 Thrive  has been viewed over 65 million times, I watched it again.  It is a MUST see movie)
  •   Decide all this is pure bunkum and laugh it off, though perhaps with a more nervous laugh than you once may have done so.  I must say I feel like doing that too at times.  But then I ask myself – am I going to be swayed by emotion or reason and data – no matter how strange the data?

Parapenultimately - listen to the chap I quoted at the start of this essay - the late Lord Admiral Baron Peter Hill-Norton, Admiral of the Fleet (UK), Chairman of NATO Military Committee:

And penultimately - if there is one day an announcement from someone like the president of the USA then maybe it will be something like this…

But finally, as Steven Greer says, it is more likely ET disclosure will come from the people, then the leaders will follow.  It is up to you and I.

Dr Peter Joe Bloggs
(nom de plume)
17th November 2013

PS: In January 2014  Russia Today interviewed Dr Steven Greer (3 - 13 min) -
Also Voice of Russia posted this article about the “Russian Roswell” –

So with reports like these in the semi-official main Russian media presence to the world - is Russia pushing for “official disclosure”?

March 2014 - new data reported suggest the number of planets in habitable zone around stars in our galaxy may not be 20 billion, but in fact 100 billion.  Thus the number of planets in known universe by my calculation of multiplying our galaxy as an average galaxy by 300 billion galaxies = 30,000,000,000,000,000,000,000.  See - 

September 2014 - the UFO - consciousness connection is getting organised.  See
For those without cynicism and with healthy open minds I encourage you to check this growing movement out.  It may be one of the most important movements on the planet - along with a rise in interest in mindfulness meditation etc - to awake humanity and save us from the greed-soaked forces who seek total power as we slide towards some kind of World War III scenario.  If that sounds crazy then you haven't properly researched the information in the essay above.  Peace.

November 2014 - Incredible interview on Skeptiko -  and see the website  Things are really starting to happen with ET to human contact.

December 2014 - I found another group involved with UFO contact.  They've been around a fair while and it is the ECETI Ranch in Washington State, USA.  The founder, James Gilliland, was led to set up the place after his own NDE.  What is very interesting is the number of photos and videoclips.  And also details of communication from advanced ET's.  This article is a summary from 2008 going to the meaning of what is transpiring on our planet at this time.  Giving credibility to them is the buzzing of the ranch by black ops unmarked helicopters and fly-overs by fighter jets - e.g. Unmarked black helicopter buzzing ECETI Ranch

May 2015 -  I have watched quite a bit but not all of this seminar given by Stephen Greer.  He brings together a lot of the WSFM (Weird Science and Freaking Magic) aspects in a coherent account -

September 2015 - "Secret Space Program" whistleblowers - major developments! (if true).  There are at least two people who claim to be associated with Secret Space Programs (SSP's).  These SSP's link to what Richard Dolan has called the "breakaway civilisation".  What is claimed is that there has been splits in these SSP's (that are human in origin over the past 70 years) and there are about 7 different groups, but basically allied into an "alliance" of essentially good guys versus the "cabal".  The human SSP's are allied in the case of the "alliance" to mostly benevolent and in the case of the "cabal" to mostly malevolent extra-terrestrial species who have been interacting with humanity for millennia and have bases on the back side of the moon alongside the human SSP's.  Not only the moon but Mars and other planets and moons in the solar system are full of bases - and even indigenous life forms.

One of these alleged whistleblowers is Corey Goode who has come forward mainly via interviews with David Wilcock . There is an ongoing series of video interviews entitled "Cosmic Disclosure" on Gaiam TV .  The first two are free, there is a subscription to GaiamTV to see the full series - which is around 10 hours worth and increasing with ongoing interviews as Goode's interactions with the SSP alliance and non-terrestrial species continues.  The information presented here is mind-blowing. However it is consistent with information from many other sources.  Also Goode presents as genuine over hours of fairly probing interviewing by Wilcock.  His incredible claim is that after working for an SSP since childhood as a selected "intuit empath" with psychic skills to sit with a couple of other psychic intuitives when there are meetings between human representatives and ET species, to try and detect deception, he was chosen by the "Blue Avian" species as a translator in meetings with the alliance.  Goode now claims there has been a game-changer with the appearance in our solar system of vastly advanced ET or rather interdimensional species from a higher dimension of 5 races - the Sphere-Being Alliance as he calls it.  These beings, including "Orbs of light" and "Blue Avians" are calling on humanity to meditate for peace - a message that the human and some ET species "alliance" find "too hippy", hoping for a more military solution for defeating the human-malevolent alien "cabal".  But the Sphere-Being Alliance has imposed a form of quarantine on the solar system and posted 1,000's of massive spheres through the solar system that are according to Goode - dispersing high energy waves that are entering our solar system that will lead to spiritual advancement in people who are open to it.

OK - so that sounds like New Age B.S.!!!

Well - not so fast...  Watch a few hours of Goode being interviewed by Wilcock.  It is not that easy to dismiss.  Goode also has his own website.  His most recent post is about contact with sub-terrrestrial civilisations that have been within Earth for millennia (since the collapse of advanced human civilisations due to calamities like climate change and asteroids) and masquerade over the centuries to surface terrestrial less developed civilisations as gods or as coming from the stars, when in fact they're under our feet.  When you read this you start to think - OK we now not only live in a Sci-Fi novel, we live in a Tolkien novel as well...  It is hard to believe and I personally am not fully convinced as yet.  But given all the above UFO material and the data from NDE's etc - this stuff is intriguing and fits to the greater and incredibly marvellous narrative of a meaningful Cosmos where Consciousness has a sense of drama and adventure.  Goode's website -

As I came across Corey Goode's stuff one obvious thought was well lets see if other such whistleblowers come forward.  And indeed there is at least one - Captain Randy Cramer, United States Marine Corps Special Section (USMC-SS).  The special section is the part of the USMC involved in the SSP as an "unacknowledged special access program" - a term we've heard before regarding the management of the UFO secrecy.  Cramer says he was chosen as a child of US military parents at a young age - like Goode, due to his performance on school aptitude tests - to be trained for the USMC-SS.  He had "genetic enhancement" to aid his combat abilities.  He was stationed to Mars where he was involved in skirmishes with underground based "reptoid" Martians in a scenario reminiscent of the movie "Avatar".  It seems the USMC-SS has defected from the "cabal" side to the "alliance" side over the years, or has at least realised the nature of the "cabal" and they're now in favour of full disclosure of all the SSP and UFO reality to humanity.  The problem is the "cabal" and their ET and negative inter-dimensional (demonic?) buddies can pull WW-III or other malevolent acts upon humanity and Gaia herself - thus the slow careful nature of "disclosure" to wake humanity up.  Cramer says he has been specifically ordered by his superiors to do what he's doing.  He is articulate so that may be a reason to be chosen.

Hmmm.  Is reality this much like a Sci-Fi thriller?

Well check out Captain Randy Cramer's website and watch/listen to his interviews -

Bringing this stuff together in a scholarly way is Michael Salla, an Australian academic who got his PhD in the realm of international government systems - and this led him into the whole UFO coverup etc.  His website and recent book discuss the revelations of Goode and Cramer and others about the Secret Space Programs and humanity's ongoing engagement with extraterrestrial races.

The story is now getting more and more fantastic.  But if you've read the above pages and gone to the links, you will know there is a factual basis to the ET reality and the cover-up.  Richard Dolan has made a compelling case for a "breakaway civilisation".  That aspect of humanity that retro-engineered and traded advanced spacecraft technology has had 70 years to develop.  Good and bad and in-between beings and motives have led to a melange of alliances.  The bulk of humanity has been kept in the dark.  Elvish type races of humans under the Earth with vast subterranean high-tech caverns and cities are now claimed to be part of the mind-blowing reality of the true history of our planet.

Was Tolkien, Asimov, films like Avatar, Spielberg, plus the world's religions - intuitively and due to some contact knowledge presenting as myth, theology and fiction - what is really fact?

Time will tell.  Meditating for peace can do no harm!  On that note - see Prepare for Change . The interviews from "Cobra" - a man with a disguised voice claiming to be a spokesperson for the SSP-Alliance faction - are in line with Goode and Cramer's testimonies.

September 2016 update

A huge amount is happening on this planet and around it - if the whistleblowers, contactees and increase in UFO sightings are to be believed.

Two YouTube channels that post interesting videoclips and photos of UFO sightings that are worth a look are ThirdPhaseofMoon (which I have mentioned in my eBook but who have more interesting material over past year) and SecureTeam10 .

The revelations of Corey Goode and now others (Sgt Clifford Stone, William Tompkins, Robert Wood) on Cosmic Disclosure on Gaia TV (see above) give a coherent narrative of progression in this battle for this planet's future.

The Nazi - Reptilian Alien connection (that to me sounded utterly ludicrous in the past) has had much more confirmation.  A riveting Russian documentary featuring Russian military, scientists and historians delves into the Nazi bases in Antarctica - set up before and during WW-II and where perhaps many of the 250,000 Nazis who (according to alleged official accounts could not be found at end of the war) may have gone.  It is good to see this documentary on YouTube has over 3 million views, given it has been seen on Russian TV and is hosted elsewhere on the internet, many are waking up to this horrific news that the Nazis were likely not fully defeated.  More on this at Michael Salla's .  I met Michael Salla and his wife on their recent speaking tour in Australia - a very genuine couple.  They also vouched for the veracity, based on their personal experience, of the UFO sightings that appear at James Gilliland's ECETI Ranch in Washington State.

An excellent information dense and lengthy (it has to be lengthy!) but as concise as possible summary about all this information that has spilled out in the 3 years since I posted my "eBook" here is at the blog Stillness in the Storm website.

As a matter of interest, the Citizen's Hearing on Disclosure videos complete set are available behind a paywall, but it is comprehensive.

Today (and the reason for this belated update after 12 months) I came across the exciting information provided by a self-described contactee, Miriam Delicado.  She and her story are well worth listening to.  Her website is:  Miriam gives a compelling story of a contact experience in 1988 at age 22 with nice little greys who were in service of two "Tall Blond" ETs who took her onto their spacecraft for 3 hours wherein she was given much information about Earth's past and possible futures and that she had a mission (like apparently 1,000s of contactees around the planet) to release this information so humanity is more likely to make the open-hearted choices for unity, harmony, love etc.  She claims the information the Tall Blonds gave her fits with what she later found to be Hopi prophecy - and this has she says been confirmed in later connections she has made with the Hopi Native American people.

The "Blue Star" prophecy of the Hopi does make me wonder if any connection with the "Blue Spheres" described by Corey Goode - see SphereBeingAlliance .

Yes this sounds .... (fill in the blank).  But she comes across (like Corey Goode and David Wilcock) as a genuine person of integrity.  In my daily medical work I would have no doubts whatsoever about the authenticity of a woman like her.

It appears it is more necessary than ever to pray/meditate for peace and awakening on our Mother Earth.  And to get off the fence in sharing this information whenever it seems timely to do so.

February 2017

Came across a very good (and brave) TEDx talk by Ben Mezrich, a best selling author, who wandered (like me) into the world of UFOs and found the evidence overwhelmingly compelling.  Worth seeing - the audience vacillates between nervous laughter and hearing a pin drop.

See: TEDx "Why I believe in UFOs and so should you." 

October 2018

There has been a lot going on in ‘Ufology’ the past nearly two years, but I have not posted due to busyness with my day job etc.  Five things stand out:

Unacknowledged: a top-rating documentary on Netflix for 2017

Unacknowledged, Stephen Greer’s sequel to Sirius is a more in-depth exposé of the nature of UFO secrecy and the black-ops projects and power of the ‘Cabal’ on this planet.  The title is taken from the USAPs – Unacknowledged Special Access Programs – which are the black-ops projects themselves and the means by which information is compartmentalised and secrecy maintained.  The film includes some of the best snippets from the Disclosure Project military and scientific whistle-blowers.

Perhaps the glaring omission in this movie, and in most of Greer’s work, is the question of negative or psychopathic ET/alien species and the exclusion from the film of testimonies and narratives of such beings.  This is an issue which James Gilliland (see below) disagrees with Greer.

The ‘Secret Space Program’ on Gaia TV

The ‘Secret Space Program’ whistle-blowing story has continued, particularly on in the program Cosmic Disclosure.  The story is fantastic and involved time travel and age-regression.  Hard to believe, except that in scores of hours of testimony, Corey Goode has been impeccable in terms of internal consistency of his story and apparent genuineness in his body language and seems to be a really nice person.  Furthermore, there are over a dozen other witnesses, several with high scientific credentials who have appeared on Cosmic Disclosure to corroborate various aspects of the Secret Space Program story.

A movie has just been released as of 30 October 2018: Above Majestic which I am yet to see but which professes to summarise much of this ‘SSP’ narrative.

Disclosure went mainstream in December 2017 – at least for a few weeks

The mainstream media, led by The New York Times and CNN provided coverage of a Pentagon release of video footage and pilot testimony of a fast-moving UFO that amounted to a soft form of ‘official disclosure’ that we are not alone. See the following links for starters:

However, that was it as far as official disclosure for the time being.  Perhaps the authorities ‘floated a balloon’ to see the reaction.  As such there was not panic in the streets, so why the release of information stalled is not clear, but behind the scenes struggles are presumably continuing.

To The Stars Academy

This organisation set up with front man a former rock star, Tom DeLonge, involves high level former Pentagon and CIA figures and scientists.  They profess to be attempting to bring out advanced technologies to improve human welfare and the environment – the technologies from ET races that have been denied us so far by the Truth Embargo and powers that be.  However, they have had some hiccups along the way.  Others in Ufology feel the military-industrial and secret agency background means this is a partial disclosure psy-op that shouldn’t be trusted.  Check out their website and judge for yourself:

At the very least several people with direct connections to UFO relevant programs in the Pentagon, military-industrial corporations and the CIA have gone on the record saying ETs are real and there has been a cover-up.

A personal visit to ECETI Ranch (seeing is believing!)

Recently my wife and I out of curiosity, given the amount of alleged video evidence of UFOs (as well as military unmarked black helicopters and fighter jets) flying over the ECETI Ranch, visited this place founded by James Gilliland.  As shown on their website: this is the hotspot for UFO/ET contact on the planet – at least what is accessible to the public.

What we experienced in real life was totally consistent with what we had seen online.  Over 4 nights I personally counted over 50 UFOs in the sky overhead. My wife saw many of them as well, and other people saw some that I missed during the time I was skygazing – because at times there were several UFOs in different areas at once.

The characteristics of the UFOs were:
  • They were generally bright white lights of different sizes. They mostly looked like bright stars (except they moved).
  • Some had a pinkish, blue or orange hue.
  • Via night vision goggles they mostly seemed to be round or oval in shape.
  • They seemed to be at a comparable altitude to commercial jet planes (which were distinguishable by the standard regular flashing white strobe light along with green and red wing lights).
  • They were totally silent.
  • They were generally faster than commercial jet planes.
  • They would change speed from faster to slower and back again.
  • A few were exceptionally fast.
  • Although I didn’t see any do 90* turns or back-track, others at the Ranch had seen this happen on other occasions.
  • However, I did see the lights appear out of seemingly nowhere and seemingly phase out of existence (or this dimensional reality).
  • The lights also many times would become much brighter (sometimes this seemed to be in response to requests from the group of us on the ground at the Ranch) and then fade back to normal brightness.
  • On one occasion 3 lights flew different trajectories to become close to each other and then flashed several times in unison.
  • On another occasion 3 lights flew in synchrony, in a 'V' formation - the sky with stars was visible between them, so it was not some large triangular craft by the way.
  • About 4 times there was a light that seemed to be stationary that was flashing periodically and seemed to disappear when not flashing.
  • One afternoon I also was sitting next to James Gilliland and Peter Slattery looking towards Mt Adams. Slattery is an Australian man who has had ET contact experiences most of his life and has perhaps the greatest amount of film footage of ET/UFO craft of any public human being.  They both saw craft above and I looked up into a clear blue sky and saw faint white lights – similar to those at night but harder to see in the daylight.  There were several close together and they were moving around in the same area – back and forth.  Silent as usual.  One light appeared to become slightly brighter and then split into 6 smaller bright lights.  They appeared to be high, at an altitude similar to commercial jet planes.

  • Additionally, looking across the field on the Ranch to Mt Adams – I estimate seeing about 30 or more lights appear over the 4 nights (mostly on the final night) on the mountain itself in different positions on the mountain.  Sometimes these flashed, other times the lights moved vertically, diagonally or horizontally.  I was informed there were no roads, no habitation on the mountain and it was certainly bitterly cold. The mountain was 13 miles away and the lights were too bright to be torchlights or lamps of any hikers who would be foolish enough to be out on the mountain at night in such cold.  Furthermore, the lights moved far quicker than any humans could.

Two other phenomena occurred in the skies over this part of southern Washington state. In contrast to the wonder and exhilaration of seeing the UFOs (light ships), these two phenomena were somewhat creepy:

  1. One day planes were obviously spraying 'chemtrails'. I had never witnessed this before. The plumes coming from the planes were completely different to normal contrails I've witnessed for over half a century. They were much wider and thicker and they were sprayed by different planes throughout the day until they criss-crossed the sky. They gradually spread to cover much of the previously clear sky in-between. They were still present many hours later at 9pm lit up by the moonlight. On the other days (and also on that day) normal planes left contrails of thin cloud that cleared within minutes or at least within the hour - totally different. Gilliland has had scientists come and take samples after a heavy periods of chemtrail spraying to find the residues contain aluminium, barium, strontium etc. The purpose? Well that is another rabbit hole to go down if you wish...
  2. Another afternoon, this time with a deep clear blue sky, a group of us were standing in the viewing field looking towards Mt Adams. We heard the approach of an airforce fighter jet from the south behind us. It sounded like it was coming in very fast and very low. We turned and looked at the treetops of the forest towards the south. The sound of the jet came over the treetops and it must have been only a few hundred metres above us as it was so loud. The Doppler effect indicated it had passed overhead and we turned to follow it. The noise sped on towards Mt Adams and sounded like it banked away towards the north-east and over the horizon. A large USAF base is in that direction. At no time did we visualise the aircraft! It was totally invisible! So clearly the USAF, for some of its fighter jets at least, has cloaking technology, not just to radar but to human vision as well!

We were informed by James Gilliland that ET craft had landed and come close to ground on a couple of occasions on the Ranch in the early years, but that the covert war between nefarious human back-engineered forces and the benevolent ETs was so intense now that they were at risk of being attacked if came too close to the ground and materialised.

Gilliland was very interesting to speak with and his near-death experiences and many years of meditation training appear to have equipped him with a capacity to communicate ‘beyond the veil’ as it were with advanced ETs and spiritual beings.  After 4 days we found him to present as a genuine, warm, down-to-earth, intelligent and humorous man.

All in all, this visit was, to make an understatement, highly confirmatory of the reality of the ET presence.  I’d highly advise a visit to ECETI Ranch if you’re still sceptical, or if you are a believer.  There is much to be gained from the peaceful atmosphere there as well.

You can meet interesting folk who are also visiting.  We met Jordan Sather, a young man who does a good job of collating and synthesising the geopolitical news with the ‘exopolitical’ news on his YouTube channel Destroying the Illusion . 

November 2018

'Q' (US military intelligence) confirms the ET reality

There is a phenomenon called 'Q Anon', which purports to be military intelligence of the USA, probably from the Defence Intelligence Agency (DIA).  It has been given some credibility by non other than a previous chief of the DIA, Lt.Gen. Michael Flynn, who was close to Trump during his 2016 campaign, was appointed National Security Adviser, but Trump was forced to fire him under a barrage of criticism from the mainstream media.  Which makes one wonder what the powers that control the media were afraid of from Flynn.  

Q anon posts comments on the 8 Chan board and his/her (most likely a team of military intel officers) posts are collated at .  There are numerous 'Q analysts' analysing these posts or 'Q drops' as they are called - just do a YouTube search for "latest Q drops".  The comments point to  an alleged political deep state civil war behind the scenes between an 'alliance' of good guys versus the 'old guard' 'Cabal' (Q uses both terms) of big money corrupt corporatocracy that has run The West and most of the world for ages.   The comments are often somewhat cryptic, and delivered as clues that set the 'anons' (numbering now in the 100,000s) off researching and finding things out - to which Q indicates basically you're getting hotter or colder.  This is a way of 'releasing' classified intel without releasing it and breaking the law.

Q has been proven to not be a 'LARP' (live action role play i.e. hoax) by well over 100 links between Trump's tweets following soon after a Q comment - sometimes with exactly the same deliberate spelling errors.  There are other types of proofs about Q being who he/she/they say they are: Q on 'Q proofs' and

Q was asked about the existence of both aliens and a secret space program.  The answer was affirmative to both, and Q noted the topic was the most highly classified topic there is.  See: