Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Background to this "e-book"

I am a medical practitioner living in Australia, who would absolutely never have believed in there being substance to the issue of UFOs. But whilst convalescing from an accident in early 2013, I came across testimonies on the internet from credible and often high-ranking military, airline, govt and intelligence agency whistleblowers that UFOs are real. As the French equivalent of NASA has said - the only hypothesis that can explain the small percentage of cases that are truly out of this world is the extra-terrestrial intelligence hypothesis.

As I delved deeper into this issue, it also appears that the topic, far from being a fringe issue, seems to impinge on everything of importance facing humanity. In particular the evidence of high level security state cover-up becomes worrying.

Furthermore how would ET craft from other star systems get here?  The evidence suggests technology that could liberate us from fossil fuels and nuclear is being denied us by the military-industrial-intelligence complex.  Yes conspiracy theories I know.... but have you really looked at this evidence?

This is what nearly a year of looking found for me  I started to put down some notes and website links for family members who agreed the evidence I showed them was impressive.  In the end I've written a 36 page "e-book".  It takes just over an hour to read and I think it flows well to give you the overview.  You can skip to the conclusion at the end and backtrack to establish I'm not just making it up.  You could like me spend 100s hours looking at all the links.

To not look into this is to miss the greatest story for humanity and the planet that there is.  As the chief of British defence forces and onetime head of NATO, Lord Admiral Hill Norton says - the UFO issue is of the utmost importance to us all.

It is all there on the web.

So go to the next post - and happy and enlightening reading :-) 

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